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lots of them… But we are smarter

Today I share my 2 Best Exercises for Calves and Feet: How to Get Amazing Calves at Home This is a quick summary of my main calf workout.
I have a few other variations that I’ll be sharing in the SCULPTAFIT Club Video-On-Demand Fitness Portal here – but this is a powerful primer session to help give you some foundational training for the calves and feet… You’ll see why the feet benefit from this as you watch what I teach:  When you see how the foot works in this mini-session – you can see how strength and range of motion improve.
This simple routine can be enough to heal and/or prevent plantar fasciitis.
I’m adding another video here that I found on Youtube which will give you a better understanding, and appreciation, for what it is I’m teaching you in the video above.
Beneath the skin, our bodies are very complex (that’s an understatement) – so to give more meaning to the 2 Best Exercises for Calves and Feet: How to Get Amazing Calves at Home video I’m sharing today – just take a few minutes to SEE HOW YOUR BODY IS DESIGNED.
A miraculous creation for sure.
When you see all the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, nerves.

Etc… YOU REALIZE why “gentle and wise” is the way to train the body for optimum health

wellness and longevity.
We can’t beat our bodies into shape because most of us are not designed to take that kind of physical punishment and it just leaves us worse off than where we started.
IT doesn’t make sense and it’s just not necessary for most of us.

But how many people are out there every day grinding away at their joints and muscles

Yes, lots of them… But we are smarter.
We are wiser.
We don’t have to do what the mass media & mass market fitness “social media gurus & influencers” are pushing… Because we know better, and we can take the smarter path to lifelong fitness and wellness that is sustainable, safe and EFFECTIVE.
Do you know someone who will benefit from seeing this post today.
Use the share buttons below and send it over to them.
Any questions, comments or thoughts about this.
Post below and let me know.
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