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Call us today for a quote for your Maui home

3 Essential steps to turn your Maui home or condo into a top vacation rental with Ali’i Resorts  Congratulations.

You’ve decided to convert your beloved Maui home or condominium into a vacation rental

It was not an easy decision, but the hard part is over.
No doubt.

You are relieved by just resolving to make the switch.  Now

on to the logistics.
Learn how do you make your property more appealing to Maui-loving tourists and keep them coming back year after year.
Here is what you need to do to make it appealing to potential renters: When perusing the internet for that perfect Maui vacation rental, people picture themselves in a place that is well-ordered and uncluttered.
They want to feel as if it is their own home.
Step 1: Find the urge to purge.
Be honest with yourself and decide what you don’t need, and what you can’t live without.
Donate, sell or throw away anything you haven’t worn or used in six months.
Take one space at a time and spend a few hours decluttering.
Keep in mind that visitors want to feel like it is their private vacation home.
Take down your family photos and replace them with other art.
You can easily switch back when you are enjoying your home.
Does your new management company provide and professionally launder towels and sheets?  If not, maybe it’s time to donate your old stock, or just keep it for your personal use.
Step 2: Whip into shape.
By this, I mean sort all items and decide where to place each category.
Ease of use means the logical and convenient placement of items for rental guests.
Don’t you love going to a vacation home and realizing all you need is just where you thought it should be.

That alone is worth a big exhale.  Step 3: Standardize the organizing process

Place all categories in the most logical space.
Break out the label maker.
Designate a closet and/or cabinet to lock up personal items.
If there are items that would break your heart if they broke or went missing, lock them up. Replaceable, cleanable, and repairable items are rental-friendly and will lower the overall cost of doing business as a vacation rental.
All of this can be overwhelming and you might be thinking: Where do I start.
Can I bring myself to purge.
I don’t have the time or energy to do this. I would rather be at the beach because, after all, .

I’m on MY Hawaiian vacation. All of this is normal
That is where a Professional Organizer can help

They are specifically trained to get your home rental-ready.
Don’t have a professional organizer on standby? We do. Ali’i Resorts works with a top-notch expert who will stick by you every step of the way. Maui Organizational Resource Experts, LLC has been invaluable in our properties and our own homes. For rentals, this is the quick start you need before the professional photos are taken, .

And your Maui home is presented to the world.   You Deserve M.O.R.E

More time with your toes in the sand.  More rental revenue from satisfied guests.
More peace of mind.
Call us today for a quote for your Maui home.
Stephanie Dirksen, Professional Organizer www.mauiprofessionalorganizers.com 1-808-213-0747 The post Turn Your Maui Home into a Top Vacation Rental appeared first on Ali'i Resorts.


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