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More than half of all entries were awarded grades A*-B

This year’s provisional A Level results show many Islington students have shone brightly in the face of adversity, achieving top grades despite the coronavirus pandemic bringing unprecedented challenges in both their academic and personal lives in the final months.
A record number of Islington students were awarded the top grades with more than 1 in 4 entries given an A* or A.
More than half of all entries were awarded grades A*-B, which is better than this year’s national average.
Cllr Kaya Comer-Schwartz.

Islington’s Executive Member for Children

Young People and Families, said: “Congratulations to all the young people who got their BTEC, AS and A Level results today.
The coronavirus pandemic has made it a difficult year for pupils up and down the country, but especially for those completing their courses and expecting to sit final exams this summer.
“I’m exceptionally proud of every single young person who has continued to work so hard through the uncertainty of the last few months, which are unprecedented in modern times.

“Despite the heroic efforts of Islington’s children

some will be bitterly disappointed with their results today and have been hard done by.

It is vital that the Government urgently looks at a genuine appeals process

open to all students to appeal their results on any basis, as well as put a support plan in place for those doing retakes in the autumn.
“Getting to this point is a real achievement – not just for our young people but also for our teachers and staff working behind the scenes, who have risen to the many challenges of the last few months.” Cllr Comer-Schwartz and Mayor of Islington Cllr Rakhia Ismail congratulated students at St Aloysius’ College as they picked up their results this morning.

Aspiring TV presenter Oliver Langton took home two As and a B

landing him a place at Portsmouth University to study television and broadcasting.
“I say to people that I want to be a presenter, and they’re like, ‘Yeah I can see you doing that,’” he said, “so I thought ‘Well I must be doing something right’ and I thought I might as well pursue it.” Oliver, who had an unconditional offer from Portsmouth, added: “I’ve been quite lucky… but you still want to know how well you did and end it on a high.

But whoever does need to appeal

I hope they get it sorted and get what they really deserve because people worked hard for it.” Jacky Lee was in the queue to collect his results when he found out by text that the University of Hertfordshire had accepted him to read 3D animation.
After picking up an A*, A and B, he said: “I did find the last few months quite stressful but looking at the results now it’s a bit confusing.
I thought I wouldn’t be getting the grades but I still got them somehow!” Zain Jivraj is heading to Warwick University to study law after getting two As and a B.
He took his mock exams just two weeks before the lockdown closed the school.
He said: “It was quite uncertain times because no-one knew how it was going to affect our final grades.
There was talk about universities being lenient, but no-one knew to what extent that would be, so I’m just happy.” Alejandro Villamil hopes to land a job with a US animation studio like Pixar after a degree course in animation at Middlesex University, secured with three Bs.
“The greatest pleasure for me doing art is just to show other people my work and the effort I’ve put in,” he said.
“I want to one day influence other people to do the same.

Since Year 7 the school has supported whichever career option you want to do

and that’s really helpful… You might [think] ‘Am I doing the right thing.

Am I too out of the ordinary?’ But

especially in the sixth form, I’ve realised that I can do whatever I want, I can be whoever I want to be.” Among the other students celebrating were Mariapaula Arroyave Ramirez, who will study business management at Brunel University after landing an A and two Cs, and both Syed Hoque and Menhaz Uddin are heading to Queen Mary University after achieving Level 3 BTECs in Business – Menhaz is already looking forward to “a prosperous career”.
For those students who did not get the grades they were hoping for.

The council’s Progress Team are available to talk in confidence and offer information

advice and guidance to help them find places at college, training courses and job opportunities.
Students can get in touch with them throughout the summer over the phone, .

Skype and email – and in person where possible

Cllr Ismail said: “It was fascinating talking to the students today about their hopes and ambitions for the future, which burn just as strongly despite the pandemic.
Every one of them can hold their head high today knowing they have done their best in exceptional circumstances.
“Learning how to meet these kinds of challenges will stand them in good stead for a successful future, and I wish them all well.”.


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