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you will receive a free copy of the PPE report

Procurement has developed rapidly in recent years, and with the application of transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence and new challenges such as Covid-19 and changing global trading relationships, the rate of change is likely to accelerate.  So, what is the current state of best practice in procurement.
And what should your organization consider doing to move up to the next level? Simple questions, but the answers are the subject of endless discussion and every senior procurement professional has an interest in finding answers.  That’s why JAGGAER is co-sponsoring a new survey in collaboration with leading global innovation consultancy IPG.
And there is good reason to take part in the 2020.

Procurement Performance Excellence

(PPE) Survey.
As a participant, you will receive a free copy of the PPE report, including the key findings for your own organization.   What’s more, if you wish to explore these findings individually and in more depth.

JAGGAER and IPG will also be available to discuss them and produce an action plan

if desired, without any obligation.
Together with IPG Group we’re encouraging procurement leaders to take part in a unique benchmarking format, Procurement Performance Excellence.
Find out how.
→ https://t.co/ZA5DE3haB2 #procurement #performance #innovation pic.twitter.com/8XLabkebjD — JAGGAER (@JaggaerPro) June 23, 2020  By participating in this survey you will be able to assess, in a very short timeframe, your organization’s level of maturity in procurement through internal and external benchmarking.
Internal benchmarking should help you to stimulate a process of discussions with other senior decision makers to assess the current status quo and to reach agreement on future strategic direction and next steps.
External benchmarking will allow you to assess your current level of maturity in specific areas of technological innovation against current best practices globally, in your region or in your vertical sector.   Although the findings will be entirely anonymized, there is also an opportunity to raise the visibility of your organization as a leader in procurement.
The report, due to be published in September, will include a listing of participating companies.
Prior to publication, there will be a webinar in which the co-sponsors will discuss the preliminary findings.  So, plenty of good reasons to take part! The survey questionnaire takes just 20-30 minutes to complete and can already be accessed online.      The post Benchmark your Organization – Take Part in the 2020 Procurement Performance Excellence Survey appeared first on Jaggaer.


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Re: you will receive a free copy of the PPE report

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Re: you will receive a free copy of the PPE report

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