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Essential Duties: Adoption Related: Helps recruit

Dallas, TX Status: Full-Time, salaried Position Summary: Establishes initial contact and provides home study services with prospective adoptive families for Lifeline’s Domestic and International programs.
Provide ongoing training, recruitment, assessment, education and advocacy for prospective foster and adoptive families through the state foster care system, including contracted services to educate families in accordance with the state-mandated training requirements, provide families guidance on the state requirements to foster-to-adopt or foster through the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).
Conduct the prospective families’ home studies and prepare families to meet the guidelines to foster or for adoption through DFPS, upon request.
This position will schedule and teach foster parent training classes, will outreach in area churches and participate in events and plan events for the recruitment of prospective families seeking adoption and/or to foster through DFPS.
Essential Duties: Adoption Related:  Helps recruit, enroll, maintain, and work with prospective adoptive parents in processing an international or domestic adoption Conduct home studies for prospective adoptive parents.
Assures all paperwork and documentation complies with international country’s or state standards Ensures that all information needed to complete the adoption record is completed and on file prior to the date of submission of dossier Schedules/completes post-adoption/placement visits after placement of child Working with families through process until they travel to the international country, including fielding questions, following up with phone call, and completing all applicable paperwork and communication necessary to prepare family to travel overseas.
Counseling clients/families on the nature of international or domestic adoption.
Assisting the international director, supervisor, manager, and coordinators with various tasks assigned in process of international adoption.

Helping International staff with international informational meetings

Completing home assessments for contract couples as assigned and needed.

Foster Care:  Train prospective families using the contracting agency’s curriculum

“Prepare to Care,” and train in accordance with the contract agency’s policies and standards for prospective families.
Participate in and plan recruitment events for prospective adoptive parents or foster parents in accordance with contracted services Align with local area churches to conduct recruitment efforts and training classes to attract families interested in adopting or fostering through DFPS Maintain competency in the state-mandated requirements for adoption or fostering of children in DFPS custody Maintain competency in and comply with all state regulations regarding adoption or fostering of children from the State foster care system Conduct home studies for families, as assigned Seek supervision and backup on decisions in accordance with agency policy Provide ongoing support, counseling and advocacy for foster and adoptive families Recruit families and churches to pursue participation in foster care education Seek opportunities to build ongoing partnership with DFPS Must be willing to work in a “team” atmosphere with other workers  Secondary Duties & Responsibilities:  Assist in agency-related events.

As requested Maintain good relationships with co-workers

including solving all disputes in a Biblically prescribed fashion, allowing grace at appropriate time Represent the Agency in a professional manner in and away from the office Other duties as assigned  Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, prefer Master’s degree in Social Work Licensed by the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners (strongly preferred) or scheduled to take the social work licensure exam within one month of hire  Key Competencies:  Has missional philosophy of ministry Has strong personal relationship with the Lord Actively embraces the mission, vision, and values of the ministry Signs and upholds the Employee Statement and Statement of Faith Excellent judgment and professional decision-making ability Strong organizational and prioritization skills Relational Excellent communication skills Builds rapport with others Accepts and carries out responsibilities in an effective man.

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