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Chances are you’ve been hearing a lot about the GDPR lately

Chances are you’ve been hearing a lot about the GDPR lately.

You might be wondering what is the GDPR exactly

and how will it affect you.
What is the GDPR.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it takes effect on May 25

The GDPR, among other things, requires companies and site owners to be transparent about how they collect, use, and share personal data.
It also gives individuals more access and choice when it comes to how their own personal data is collected, used, and shared.
You can read the full text of the law here.
We also found these resources helpful in understanding the principles and specific requirements of the law:  The European Commission’s GDPR Infographic GDPR Insights Page (Osborne & Clarke LLP)   Who does the GDPR affect.

Everyone who collects or processes personal data belonging to an EU person

Personal data can mean anything from phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, names, and much more.
It’s important to note that the law applies to everyone that handles personal data of an EU person – no matter where you are located.
If you live in the US, but your website has users from Europe, you may be subject to the GDPR.
WordPress and the GDPR WordPress powers over 30% of websites worldwide and controls over 50% of the CMS market.
Many WordPress developers, users, and hosting companies may be wondering how their sites will be affected on May 25.
Being such an open platform has many benefits.

Although it’s up to a developer or site owner to ultimately ensure GDPR compliance

many of WordPress’s biggest developers and websites are already helping people become aware of the changes coming with the GDPR.
With the release of WordPress 4.9.6 on May 17, .

WordPress has added features that help site owners get their site ready for GDPR

This release added user and comment export, a privacy policy generator, .

And other essential features for GDPR compliance

WooCommerce and the GDPR WooCommerce is one of WordPress’s most well-known ecommerce platforms.
While the team behind it is taking care of specific areas of compliance within their platform, they are also conducting a blog series on everything you need to know about being prepared for the GDPR.
This includes crafting a new privacy policy, how to respond to right of erasure requests, and what to do in the event of a security breach.
You can find the WooCommerce articles here.
Jetpack and the GDPR Jetpack is another WordPress powerhouse that is already paving the way for GDPR compliance.
In addition to giving users who use their platform more tools to ensure compliance, Jetpack is creating new features internally to ensure users’ data are protected and compliant.
Read about the improvements and upgrades that Jetpack has implemented with the GDPR in mind here.

Pressable and the GDPR We here at Pressable are also putting a lot of time

effort, and thought into our own GDPR readiness.
To read more about what Pressable is doing and what you should do as well, click here.
Note: This piece is in no way intended to be viewed as legal advice, and should not be taken as such.

In order to ensure compliance with GDPR

contact a legal expert that will independently verify your company’s specific conditions and needs.

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