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and Mickey is now a private coaching client of mine

Proper fitness training and clean, well-rounded nutrition habits are THE TRUE ‘Fountain of Youth’ – the key to optimum longevity and high quality if life… Today we talk a little about the “mindset” aspect of fitness training and healthy nutrition habits (below video).
These thoughts and insights I share are triggered by another recent local delivery and installation of the SCULPTAFIT All-In-One Home-Gym System.
I captured this install on video to show, AGAIN, how quick and simple it is to assemble the Home-Gym System:  This SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym System was purchased by one of our local Studio clients, Shirley, for herself and her guy, Mickey.
We can put them in the “over 40, over 50 and over 60” groups – reinforcing the “Gen-X and Baby-Boomer” ideal fit for prime ownership and use of the SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym.
Of course the younger generations can use it too, but many of them still want to go “beast mode” and all that high-impact nonsense – until the aches, pains and injuries become too much to ignore and they have to change their fitness plans… But let’s get back to my thoughts and insights as they flow fmor my mind through my fingers into the keyboard and onto this webpage you’re reading right now… Shirley started as a client of the local SCULPTAFIT Studio in St Johns, FL (near the border of Mandarin)… In her first few weeks she knew she “found the fitness solution she had been seeking for so many years”… I see her now and the transformation in her is astonishing.
The only way to summarize it in a phrase is “aging in reverse”… Her body-composition is improving – and so is her: – Bone density – Muscle tone – Strength – Balance – Self-confidence – Mental clarity and acuity – Blood glucose regulation – Hormone regulation – and so many others… The saddest thing about Shirley’s awesome health and wellness improvements is that she represents only a small percentage of wise and proactive people who; 1 – place high value on their own self-worth 2 – take full responsibility for their health and wellness 3 – makes ZERO excuses for not sticking with sustainable habits of healthy nutrition, proper exercise and wise supplementation See – the vast majority of the general population does NONE of the above.
Most people simply complain about their poor condition of gradual decay.
Some even make jokes about their trashy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.
Common, mass-market, cultural attitudes put people in a trance of self-abuse, laziness and lack of self-motivation….”  Sad – really sad that is… The TRUTH IS – Life is a miraculous gift, and to make jokes about it & treat it as if it’s some discardable material item is an absolute horrible show of self-disrespect and a disrespect for the ultimate gift of life.
When we “wake up” to these realities – it is then and only then that we are able to make a mind-shift that reframes, defines and/or helps us develop 3 important things: 1 – Values 2 – Intentions 3 – Purpose I’ll go deeper into those 3 key elements in the future – but I note them here as they are important for you to be mindful of, all the time.

Being mindful of them is Stage 1… Stage 2 is crafting action plans based on those 3 items

We will revisit them in a future article and video – maybe even a podcast episode… Stage 3 is living in alignment with those 3 guideposts.
Back to Shirley and her guy, Mickey… I’ll make a longer story short here: A few years into her incredible journey with my Amazing Coaching Team at the SCULPTAFIT Studio.

Shirley was ready to get proper help and guidance for her guy

Because he was ‘ready’.
So she turned to me, and Mickey is now a private coaching client of mine.
His journey is shaping up to be an incredibly powerful one and I look forward to the day where I can share his “Before and After” story – so that others can be inspired to take similar actions for living a full and vibrant life in every way possible.
He’s down about 20 lbs in just a few months BUT not because we are focusing on weight loss – NO… we are focusing on the ‘important’ things I mention above.

Shirley and Mickey decided to take actions in line with their values

intentions and purpose.
When your goals and “reasons why” are based on those 3 things – success becomes inevitable.
No empty, superficial goals that are seasonal, or short-lived in nature…  No quick fix “weight-loss” and no desperate reaches for “getting an overnight transformation” with surgery or some crack-pot procedure.
This is all based on reality, truth and honoring “the self” to the fullest.
Some people get to that place at a young age.
Some get there in adulthood because of health scares or other painful life events being the trigger… And sadly, some people never get to that zone of self-awareness in order to save themselves… Shirley and Mickey are self-aware and honor their gift of life.
And to top it all off – they are so committed to life life to the fullest that they even invested in a SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym System so they can use it on the days Shirley doesn’t go to the Studio and Mickey can now use it for the custom fitness training plans I am guiding him through.
They invest in what they need and they don’t waste money on things they don’t need that don’t bring value into their lives.
They “spend wisely” KNOWING that what they are getting in return is LIFE… A life they are living to the fullest, enabling them to do ALL THE THINGS they aspire to do and to be around for all their loved ones in THE BEST version of themselves.
Stay tuned for more about: 1 – Values 2 – Intentions 3 – Purpose Those are the “difference makers” for people who achieve lifelong personal success.
Without those, failure is guaranteed.
I know this because I personally lived through it all myself…”  I learned.

And now I love helping others do exactly the same

Step by step.
Any questions, comments or thoughts.
Please post below and let me know.

I love hearing from you – YES YOU

because it helps keep me going.
Your trainer for LIFE, Joey Atlas The post Home-Gym Set-Up for Generation X and Baby Boomers: Bodyweight Home-Gym appeared first on Joey Atlas.


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