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Quality service – As China’s tourism industry has grown

While the reality of dream China tours from USA might be a little way off

there is absolutely no reason your plans for travel can’t go ahead right now.  In fact, now is the very best time to be researching what ideal China tours from USA might look like.  Fancy a luxury experience.
Made a highlights bucket list a mile long.
Looking for insider tips to score the best value and love every minute of your vacation?  If you’ve answered with a resounding ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then planning ahead is essential.
Add to this mix the likely challenges facing all international travelers in the future, and the old saying that a stitch in time saves nine certainly holds true.

Travelers looking for China tours from USA will do well to plan in advance

because going forward in a post-COVID lockdown world, you can expect to discover many ways to leverage great value on your travel dollars.
With the downtime on China tours giving our travel consultants some extra scope for creativity, we’ve decided to share these industry insider tips with our USA customers.

Need flights for tours to China from USA

Book your own.
Back in the day before digital everything.

If you were researching and planning tours to China from USA

all arrangements were made through a traditional travel agency.
This included booking international plane tickets.  Thanks to advances in technology, times have changed.
Since around the year 2000, the ability to design and create a tailored travel adventure is very much in the hands of customers, allowing for direct sales (and reduced costs).  There are many benefits arising from technology, among them is the convenience – and transparency – of booking flights, accommodation, and tours online.
Allowing customers to shop around with ease, these changes have resulted in changing consumer expectations.  Savvy western travelers doing their due diligence on tours to China from USA now expect to connect directly with a local in-country tour operator or travel agency.
They have also come to expect more flexibility, freedom, and customized travel experiences.
Goodbye, boring ‘vanilla’ itineraries.
Hello, bespoke travel adventures.  As a company operating tours for well over a decade, we’ve seen a growing appetite from our North American customers for private and custom tours to China from USA.
Apart from giving people more of the travel experience they really want, it also makes it possible to take advantage of booking flights directly with an airline company, saving money and avoiding restrictive terms, conditions, and itineraries associated with a tour package that bundles in international flights.
Insider’s tip: Book your own international air tickets directly with an airline company as soon as you know your tour dates.
Go directly to the official airline website for your booking.

You’ll find airfares here are lower than any third-party booking platform.  China visa

Yes, you’ll need one for China tour packages from USA  China is a country where a visa is required for USA travelers, however, don’t be overwhelmed by the application process.
If you’ve booked a tour.

Travel agencies like our own can help by providing the items required for your China visa

namely an invitation letter and related travel information such as destinations, duration of stay, and hotels.
Whether it’s small group, private, or custom China tour packages, from USA, .

Entry into China will mean a little legwork to meet all the requirements
Be sure to connect with your local China Embassy

Consulate, or Visa Application Center to complete your application by providing photos, the relevant form and other supporting documentation.

Insider’s tip: If you’re confused about what’s required for your China visa

or want to understand where the application process fits in terms of timing for your travel arrangements, ask for help.
The travel agency you’re dealing with will be up to date with changes that occur, which affect visa applications for international visitors.
How to pick the best China tours from USA  An online search for the best China tours from USA will yield literally thousands of results, so if you’re a first time visitor (or even if you’re a returning adventurer), how do you make sense of them all and feel confident in your decision.
We’ve already talked about the importance of research and this certainly applies when it comes to selecting the best China tours from USA.
First, you must decide what level of travel you’re after.
If budget is your main consideration, there are ample choices.
However, if budget is not your primary driver, and you value more flexibility, then it’s a good idea to dive into the detail of what’s really being offered on tour.

Specialization is the hallmark of an exceptional China travel provider

but what many customers don’t realize is there many don’t look for opportunities to deliver unique experiences.
This is why we recommend searching for a tour company that really knows China – and truly cares about your experience.
Approaching travel plans this way means you’re more likely to discover a holiday that is more than a mediocre ‘vanilla’ substitute.
It’s okay to expect value for money; it just shouldn’t come at a cost to the quality of your vacation.  Once you’ve picked a tour, find out if it can be taken as a private guided tour and what the price difference is.
While small group tours are wonderful (we only travel with a maximum of 12 people), a private tour following the same itinerary offers even more flexibility.
Insider tip: If you only plan on visiting China once – do your research and book a bespoke tour, tailored exactly to your interests, budget, travel days.
Regardless of whether you’re traveling solo, as a family, or a group of friends, this is a great way to travel your way.
More reasons to plan your China tour from the USA Here are some other great reasons to choose a specialized local tour operator or travel agent in China if you’re considering a China tour from the USA:  More choice of tour itineraries, including tours focused on specific themes, interests, and destinations.
It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture.
Different tour types, including private tours, small group tours, and customized tours.    Â Value for money.
As a direct sale, you avoid unnecessary fees associated with booking through a traditional travel agent.
That means more holiday spending cash.
Responsiveness and communication – With a focus on serving the western traveler, travel agencies like ChinaTours.com engage travel consultants with an excellent command of English, and with a strong service ethic, response times from enquiries are typically very quick.
Quality service – As China’s tourism industry has grown, so too have expectations around service.
Before booking, check out the online reviews of companies offering tours, to see the comments made about the company’s travel consultants, local guides, and drivers.
You’ll find uncensored opinions and they are a great way to find out how well customers were taken care of by their tour operator or travel agency.
Quality hotels, centrally located – One day in a busy city like Beijing and you’ll soon appreciate the value of a quality hotel that is centrally located.
A deceptively large amount of your valuable tour time can disappear traveling between sights, so research your tour and find out where the hotels are located relative to stops in the daily itinerary.
Be aware that interpretations of four and five star may differ between providers, so ask about the hotel partners too.
International hotel brands with consistent standards are always a safe bet.
Industry recognition – Traveling with a company with international industry memberships provides peace of mind, especially for USA travelers planning a China holiday.
Industry bodies like the American Society of Travel Advisors, Pacific Asia Travel Association and the China Association of Travel, provide credibility, as well as a point of reference if you are concerned about service standards.
With travel on hold for a little while, why not make the most of the down time.
That way, when it comes time to wait in the departure lounge, you’ll be better prepared than you’ve ever been.
And if you’re stuck for ideas, .

Start your research with our ‘best of’ recommendations from the ChinaTours.com team

Recommended tour Destinations Why take the tour   8 Days Golden Ring of China Beijing, Xian, Shanghai A perfect snapshot of China’s most iconic highlights in a manageable week long itinerary   10 Days Best of China and Pandas  Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai Best China highlights plus pandas (world’s cutest bears)   11 Days Odyssey of Yangtze Beijing, Xian, Yangtze River, Shanghai Iconic highlights plus the grand Yangtze River   13 Days Zhangjiajie Avatar Pandora Wonderland  Beijing, Xian, Yangtze River, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai Amazing natural landscapes plus incredible history and highlights   15 Days China Highlights with Yangtze and Pandas Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Yangtze River, Shanghai Full experience of China’s many historical landmarks and natural wonders       If you’re researching China tours from the USA, why not simplify the big decisions about how to plan and organize a tour that maximizes your time and budget.
Having served customers from around the world, including the United States of America for well over a decade, we know what savvy travelers from the West want on their holidays.
Research, plan, and explore the options available in our selection of best China tours, or create your own custom experience with the help of travel consultants who know and care about every detail.
We welcome online inquiries via direct contact and respond within 24 hours.

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