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Considering Liquid Web vs 1&1 IONOS

Considering Liquid Web vs 1&1 IONOS.
Choosing the right hosting partner shouldn’t be limited to what you need today.
Rather, the right hosting partner is one that can grow with you and offer different solutions as your needs change.
1&1 IONOS is one such provider, offering not just web and application hosting but also domain registration, email and website builders.
Additionally, 1&1 offers marketing services and enterprise cloud solutions for customers all around the world.
However, it can be easy for a hosting company to be spread too thin when offering so many different services.
And while some of the offerings at 1&1 do stack up against the competition, others like core hosting services and cloud deployments suffer in areas that matter a great deal.
For example, 1&1 refers customers to its partner network for site migrations, server management, and system administration.
At Liquid Web, our primary focus is managed hosting.
That means that your server environment isn’t just optimized for performance and fine-tuned for your needs.
It also means that our support team can help with a wide range of issues to keep your infrastructure running properly and in good health.
What’s more, we promise to answer your phone call or chat inquiry in under a minute instead of referring you to a third-party to lend a hand.
Domain registration, website builders, and marketing services can all play a role in your digital strategy.
But at Liquid Web, we choose to be the industry-leader for managed hosting, leaning on more than twenty years of expertise in doing just that.
If you’re looking for a little bit of everything, a company like 1&1 might be an acceptable choice.
But if you’re looking for the best managed hosting provider in the world, you’ve come to the right place.
Learn More About Our Products   Liquid Web vs 1&1 IONOS Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason.
We’ve chosen to build our reputation through hard work and by providing industry-leading web hosting with best-in-class hardware for our VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting solutions.

See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to 1&1 IONOS

Fully Managed  No.

Referred to Partner Network   Full Server Stack Support  No

Referred to Partner Network   24/7/365 Support Included     Support Request SLA 59 Seconds or Less for Phone or Chat; 59 minutes for Email Response Time of 24 Hours   Includes cPanel/WHM/Plesk  Plesk   Performance Optimization  No, Referred to Partner Network   Service Monitoring     Proactive Monitoring     Included Outgoing Bandwidth 5 TB Unlimited   100% Network Uptime Guarantee  99.99%   100% Power Uptime Guarantee  99.99%   SLA Remedy 1000% 5% of Monthly Fee   Predictable Billing Yes, Monthly Yes, Monthly   Migrations Included     Backups Included  Daily     Nobody Includes More Than Liquid Web Every solution at Liquid Web is engineered for peace of mind, with a full suite of performance, reliability, and security solutions included at no extra charge.

CloudFlare® CDN We provide full management for one of the world’s most popular CDNs

and full support when your site is added through our interface.
CloudFlare will not only speed up your site, but also provide a further boost to security.

Built-in Backups Local backups are always included at no extra charge

For an extra layer of backup protection.

You can add our Acronis Cyber Backups

off-server backups especially made for our Dedicated and VMware product lineup.

Enhanced Security Security is paramount

which is why we include ServerSecure with every Fully Managed server.
Your server will be protected by a range of proprietary security enhancements to block unwanted access and keep your data secure.
DDoS Attack Protection We provide free basic protection from small volumetric DDoS attacks with every server on our network; it’s always on and ready to go.
For larger and more sophisticated attacks, comprehensive protection and mitigation is available.

The World’s Most-Loved Hosting Company Nobody delights customers more than Liquid Web

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS® ) of 67 puts us among the world’s most loved brands — and makes us No.
1 in the hosting industry.
What makes us special.

Our customers say it best:     â€œLiquid Web is always there for their customers

They are caring, thoughtful, helpful and treat you with so much respect.
The help they give is phenomenal.

Nothing compares to the wonderful caring company know as Liquid Web.” — Kitti Titus

ProGroom Pet Supply        “Excellent service with timely support.

I love all the staff at LW and have been a client for many

many years.
I highly recommend Liquid Web” — Martie     Backed By The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting and the Best Guarantees in the Industry We aren’t kidding when we say the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting work at Liquid Web.
With over 300 engineers, system administrators, and support technicians at the ready, your next big idea is in good hands with our team.
Powered by an unrivaled support SLA and over two decades of experience, Liquid Web is the premiere infrastructure provider for your most-important websites and applications.
Our team is standing by, waiting to help power your digital strategy into the future.
24/7 Support from The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting  It’s easy to say you have the best support, but we have the numbers to back it up.
Our Support ranks No.
1 in customer satisfaction.
59 Second Initial Response Guarantee: Phone and Chat We’re committed to answering your call or connecting to your LiveChat within 59 seconds.
59 Minute Initial Response Guarantee: Email HelpDesk tickets receive an initial response via email within 59 minutes, guaranteed.
100% Network Uptime Guarantee All major routing devices within our network will be reachable from the global Internet 100% of the time.
100% Power Uptime Guarantee By owning — not leasing — our infrastructure, we can guarantee that power to your rack will always be online.

Learn More About Our Products  Featured Clients    The post Liquid Web Vs
1&1 IONOS appeared first on Liquid Web



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