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Cadwell – Round 1 Podiums  Single Round Entries Ramunas Cepulis – Classic & Retro    Classic & Retro Winners 1st Place: Andy York 2nd Place: Andy Alden    Clubman Winners 1st Place: Matt Binstead 2nd Place: Ben Copson    Clubman+ Winners 1st Place: Carl Owen 2nd Place: Ross Walker 3rd Place: Peter Hunt    Pocket Rocket Winners 1st Place: Andrew Kime 2nd Place: Steve Gray 3rd Place: Mark Morris    Club 2WD Winners 1st Place: Joe Dawson 2nd Place: Michael Andrew 3rd Place: Simon Deaton    Club 4WD Winners 1st Place: Aaron Adams 2nd Place: Paul Wright 3rd Place: Gari Cottrill    Club Pro 2WD Winners 1st Place: Dalibor Kvasai 2nd Place: Simon Roberts 3rd Place: Darren Spooner    Club Pro 4WD Winners 1st Place: Jonny Roose    Pro Extreme Winners 1st Place: Phil Reed 2nd Place: Andrew Barbour 3rd Place: Kevin Jones    Best Presented Car Phil Reed (33) – Pace Ward Evo (Mitsubishi Evo 9)    Best Presented Team FastR, with Alex Bones (40) and Luke Clayton (110)  The post Cadwell – Round 1  Podiums appeared first on Time Attack® - It's not racing.
It's Time Attack!!.


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