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6/17/2020 Show #65 Chris Zito joins Sven

6/17/2020 Show #65    Chris Zito joins Sven, JK and Tony in the Everyday Cycles Riverwest Studio to talk statues, Milwaukee by Bike and other important things.
Zito bagged the Gandhi statue at the Milwaukee Courthouse        Talking Schmack    https://www.madisonbikes.org/madison_ranked_second_best_biking_cityGarrett’s NICA Team is Adventure this year, no racingNational Beer Day is/was MondayLocust St is crazy againNew windows at the annex (service to move there??)        Show Beer    Snaggletooth Bandana IPA from Solemn Oath BreweryMassive grapefruit, pineapple, and super-ripe mango aromatics burst out of this medium-bodied IPA.
Assertive bitterness is balanced by a subtle malt sweetness and more citrusy fun.6.5 ABV81 IBU89 (very good) BAhttps://www.solemnoathbrewery.com/product/snaggletoothbandana/18    Hamm’s – The Beer Refreshing – fuels many a ride.

On the Stand    Wyatt Maverick    Next week on the show we will be harassing…??

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how cycling is making your life better.


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