Tensei Kunitori Sex Gassen!! (天精国取りセックス合戦!!)

In a certain town, news that there were many children born who retained part of their memories from their previous life spread.
Such children inherit the unfulfilled ambitions, beliefs and feelings of their previous lives, and are hence called “Revenge Children”.
Despite becoming a hot topic there were still many who doubted their existence, and as a result the Revenge Children became a myth of the town, eventually disappearing from people’s minds.
Ten-odd years later…
Out of the blue, Mizuki Ouma, who claims to be the Revenge Child of Oda Nobunaga, declares intent for world unification. Japan falls into her hands.
But Mizuki is pushed down by Takuma Sumeragi, the main protagonist plagued with an abnormal sex drive, after an unexpected incident, and this and that were done.
As a result, her battle flag is stolen. Mizuki is left with the deep scar of failure.
With a dented pride, a Mizuki burning with revenge targeted at Takuma wants to settle the score once and for all through Takuma’s area of expertise: sex.
She involves the other Revenge Children, and with both her pride and Japan on the line, commences a war of sex.
A lewd world wet with love juices and semen thus began.

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Original title: 天精国取りセックス合戦!!
Language: Japanese
Developer: softhouse-seal GRANDEE
Release: 26/09/2014
Censorship: Censored
OS platform: Windows

Please spend time to read FAQs before downloading. Sometimes it may help you.
Password: kimochi.info

Link sopcast Acestream trận Leganes vs Rayo Vallecano (2h30 ngày 31/10)
Tuesday October 30, 2018

 Thứ ba (30/10): bóng đá TBN Dự đoán: 1-1 Kết quả: ? 2h30 ngày 31/10: Leganes vs Rayo Vallecano Kết quả trận Leganes vs Rayo Vallecano: ? ( Xem kết quả bóng đá – livescore ở đây) + Link sopcast trận Leganes vs Rayo Vallecano: … (Bóng Đá 8 cập nhật link sopcast xem trận Leganes vs Rayo Vallecano

Download and extract the game
Mount the KUNITORISEXWAR.mdf file (see FAQ)
Run the SETUP.exe file with locate japan (see FAQ)
Enjoy the game

OS: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: Pentium 4

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